Computer Works

New Tune-Up

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to show off our Windows expertise.

Our goal is to return the pleasure in using your computer and removing the frustration

caused by viruses, darkware and substandard software.

What is a Computer Works Tune-up?

Your computer as undergone a intensive 24 hour evaluation and repair.

We tested & cleaned the Memory, CPU, Drives, Fans and Power Supply.

We removed viruses and darkware and left you with tools to help stop future attacks.

We configured Windows to perform and maintain itself better.

We installed Windows updates for more features and better security.

We stopped unnecessary programs from stealing system resources.

We saved you money on Anti-virus programs and update subscriptions

AVG is free & always free to update.
(You can buy a retail Pro version if you like)

We saved you money on anti-spyware programs


You can donate if you like

You can buy a Pro version if you wish

all are free
and free to update.

What you must do to make your tune-up last longer


Keep your AVG anti-virus updated
For help with this click here

Keep your Spybot and Adaware updated and run weekly scans
For help with this click here

Keep your Windows updated
For help with this click here

How did I get in this mess in the first place?
Read This

What you need to know about darkware
Read This

Don't let your friends retune your computer
We don't go to their work and pretend to know their job
Our Techs repair about 90 computers per week and they know their job

Don't uninstall AVG, Spybot or AdAware
Don't install another anti-virus or spyware program.
Many anti-virus programs can't coexist, and they charge you yearly subscription fees
many spyware programs cost 30 bucks and don't work as well as these freeware programs
and many are spyware themselves.
These programs are a protection suite and will help keep you protected.

What we did not do

We did not lose your data or setting
It is commonplace when repairing Windows to format the hard drive and reinstall Windows
This is a last resort for Computer Works we know the inconvenience of losing all your data and settings.
Unfortunately in some cases, with today's abundance of viruses and darkware, the only economical choice is to wipe and reinstall Windows, Windows updates, driver updates, settings etc.
You always get the best performance from a clean install of Windows.
For a list of data you should always keep backed up click here

more on backups


We did not remove any valid programs
We may have stopped them from starting when Windows starts but they are still installed
We did remove spyware and in some cases the programs associated with them

We did not test every program on your computer
Because of time constraints we simply can not test, repair or configure every aspect of your computer
with a tune-up.

If you are having issues with your computer call us we'll be happy to help


A Computer Works Tune-Up Is The Best Value Around