So darn slow

When you get your new computer home it flies web pages pop

start up is fast and programs load instantaneously

than you install anti virus software and your favorite IM

and start surfing the net, two weeks later, it takes 5 minutes to boot

it feels like slow motion.

What happened?

Here are some system resource steeling things to avoid

Programs in your task bar System Tray (next to the clock)

these are programs that are started when windows starts

some may be necessary and some just handy

but many, you don't use they are just eating up resources

when installing programs uncheck the add to taskbar/Tray option

 for ones already there, some programs you can right click on them, click exit, to shut them down

Spyware & Adware

Very nasty programs running in the background they keep track of where

you go and what you do, and sometimes much more

but worst of all they are using your computer resources to do it

you pick them up from the internet transparently, from programs downloaded

like weather bugs, gator, search bars

if it's free it's probably spyware.

Virus, Trojan Horses & Worms

Even keeping you anti virus program updated and running

does not mean your 100% protected

you could still get or have a virus 

a/v programs only catch known viruses

if no one know it's out there they can't stop it.

Sometimes only wiping the hard drive and starting new 

is the only way to be sure.

Lack of Windows, software and driver updates

The software industry amazes me, I can't believe the American public

tolerates today's software

It's like buying a new car and the dealer calls you a week late and tells

you they forgot to put a bolt in your brakes but it's no problem, just bring it in

and we'll put it in for you

than two weeks later your car dies you call them

they again say sorry, we can fix it, just bring it in.

Patches, Fixes, Updates, Services Packs

whatever they call them, it all boils down to

they sold it to you broken.

But hey they'll fix it "maybe"


The best cure for a slow computer is a tune up

by someone who knows the fixes and can preserve your data and settings

costs about 70 bucks and brings the life back to your computer