Hear me out
Spam and Spyware (Darkware)

What is it?

There are a variety of ways popups can appear on your system. Many websites still utilize popup advertising to support their site. These are invoked directly from the website you are visiting many products can block these if it's a pop-up telling you you have spyware it is darkware too.

Another source of popups are applications you are running. It's increasingly common for "free" applications to generate popup ads on their own. Spyware tools can often remove the advertising component of these applications or remove the application completely. Note that removing just the advertising component often cripples the main application. This is seen with applications such as various versions of Kazaa which will only run successfully if their advertising engine is also installed and running.

Lastly, you have your run-of-the-mill adware applications. These typically install silently, sometimes with your knowledge (read the End User License Agreement carefully (EULA)) and often without (no EULA is displayed at all). They can be stand-alone programs that run when your computer starts or can be Browser Helper Objects (BHO) that are integrated into Internet Explorer which then runs these applications each time you surf the web.

How to stop it

The fact is darkware is increasingly common and is typically bundled with "free" software. As a user you must be diligent and monitor what software you install and take whatever measures you can afford to protect yourself such as installing a software firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, and anti-popup. (antiware)
Don't use toolbars some are very handy but there's bears in them woods better use repellants and don't leave your food out.

Remember some software/programs can do anything they want on your computer.
 Start your webcam record video and audio than send that file to there server
Record and send all keystrokes, screen shots, passwords and credit card #s.
Opens back doors giving someone full access to your files.
If you can do it sitting in front of your computer someone can write a program (code) to do it.
If their giving it to you for free you best beware.

 The legality of darkware is currently being debated across the country. Various states are implementing their own laws and the federal government is also investigating laws to protect consumers. However, I personally find it doubtful that laws will prevent this type of activity. I continue to receive hundreds of spam emails each weak. Most continue to bounce when replied to and/or their unsubscribe fails to function.

Make all the laws you want, buy all the antiware you can afford.


The only way to stop Darkware is to never "no mater how bad you want or need it" buy from spam or pop-ups.
If they don't make money from it, they won't do it.

If they use unethical or at the least annoying forms of promotion that should be a obvious indicator of the companies ethics.
There is no value in getting ripped off.
How could anyone even consider getting a mortgage from a spammer or buying prescriptions from spam.

If we don't get this under control, it will kill the internet.
I'm tired of it and most people I talk with agree.
The Internet has become a bad neighborhood, buy more locks, carry a big stick, don't trust anyone, and don't go out after dark.

This is very sad to me, the internet had so much potential to truly make our lives better.
The way things stand now, The black hats are beatin the white hats.

Please help take back our neighborhood
Don't buy from spam or pop-ups

Thanks for hearing me out
Mike Stout